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Attorney Backed

Unfortunately, merely submitting a request for short sale approval will not stop a lender from starting or continuing with a foreclosure action.  Therefore, if a foreclosure action has already been started, the homeowner should obtain legal representation while the short sale request is pending because the lender could obtain a judgment of foreclosure before it approves or denies the short sale request.  Lenders take anywhere from three weeks to three months to make a decision on a short sale.  This process is  unfair to the homeowner because in Florida, the lender’s attorney can obtain a judgment of foreclosure in less than two months.  Therefore, it is important to work with an attorney in connection with a short sale, especially if a foreclosure action has already been commenced.

CLS is Attorney backed.  Each Short Sale client whom is facing foreclosure will be assigned an Attorney, free of charge to the client, whom will represent them in Foreclosure court.  Our foreclosure attorneys will halt the Foreclosure process to allow the Short Sale to close.  Thus each client will have 2 teams working for them a licensed attorney defending them on the courts and a Short Sale specialist/negotiator to have the Short Sale approved.

  • Homeowner is protected from Foreclosure
  • We acquire ‘waiver of deficiencies’ for the home owner
  • We confirm the Foreclosure suit is canceled after the ‘closing’
  • When it is possible we acquire ‘relocation incentives’ to the homeowner