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Comprehensive Loan Solutions Negotiations Department is an industry leading mortgage modification and short-sale negotiations firm. We have assisted hundreds of property owners, real estate professionals, and lenders in the complex business of approving and closing both short sales and modifications. Our expertise help’s property owners, real estate professionals, investors, and lenders avoid the hassle phone calls and lengthy complicated process of having a mortgage modification or short-sale approved.


Keep your home and lower your mortgage payment with a modification.

  • Once we have an approval on your modification the foreclosure will be cancelled.
  • By short-selling your property you are protecting your credit from further damage or possible foreclosure.
  • CLS can negotiate and process your short-sale with efficiency and expertise.
  • Most short-sale approvals within 30 days.
  • Helping and protecting homeowner’s from harassing lenders.
  • Excellent service, we are always here for our clients.

Our short-sale negotiations are always FREE for realtor’s, brokers, and the homeowner. If you are looking to increase your real estate business and make it hassle free from dealing with the lenders, now you can. By partnering with Comprehensive Loan Solutions Short Sale Department you can concentrate on purely increasing your business and allow our expertise and excellent client service get your short-sale files approved


Homeowner Solutions & ServicesIf you are having difficulty with your mortgage payments Comprehensive Loan Solutions can negotiate a new lower mortgage payment, helping you and your family stay in your home. It is never too late to find a solution out of foreclosure or of harassing lender phone calls. You always have options. If you do not qualify for a mortgage modification we can help you short-sale your property and protect your credit from foreclosure and other negative effects.

Welcome to CLS

CLS – Comprehensive Loan Solutions. Comprehension – the act or action of grasping with the intellect :understanding b : knowledge gained by comprehending c : the capacity for understanding fully. To have a Short Sale approved you have to truly know and comprehend the process, which is what makes us successful.

Comprehensive Loan Solutions we are the leading company in the South when it comes to Short Sales. Our agents can relieve you of headaches. Let one of our Agents show you why we are number1. But don’t take it from us see what other people are saying about CLSMiami.

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“Short sale and loan modification negotiations. Instant approvals! No upfront fees!!